well it's damp and it's dirty
it's dark and unworthy
my clothes doesn't fit
I'm cold, I'll admit
and I'm running out of air
but it is not unfair

I've broken heart after heart
just ripped them apart
not even looking back
searching another attack

so my life is fading
in guilt I'm bathing
whishing I'd been sorry
but there's no point in worry
'cause nobody knows that I'm gone
No one will hear my farewell song

I'm no coldhearted bitch
just a blackhearted witch
who once loved and got broken
but of that it wasn't spoken

I'm pounding the lid of my tomb and screaming
my lungs empty, but I'm not sure I'm gonna miss
this black red world

Postat av: em!

tycker om!

2010-04-11 @ 15:56:13
URL: http://emmaklemets.blogspot.com

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