All my life I wanted to be with you
Praying that you would want me too
I'm used to getting a lot of attention
But now there's hardly any to mention
Is it love to ignore me through difficult times?
I suppose I'm not happy since I'm writing these lines

I hoped that our love was much more that this
That i could find peace, comfort and happiness in your kiss
I've dreamt that it would be you and me together
Through sickness and health forever and ever

I wanted to be the one to put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes
Now I'm starting to wonder if words of love are just lies

The soul darkens when you're a hopeless romantic

Ibland blir det rörigt och det får vara så. Tankar och funderingar måste ju ut någonstans.


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Roligare än så här är det inte just nu... Letar inspiration ;)


det känns som att jag lever flera liv på samma gång och jag kan inte leva upp till något av dem de är för många och jag är bara en som inte ville något annat än leva ett enkelt liv där jag kunde vara lycklig

ibland känns det som att allt bara är en tävling om vem som får mig sist

Också gammal.


jag är sån som kan se min egen spegelbild
skratta åt mig när jag gråter
och min verklighet har aldrig riktigt varit som alla andras för jag är en av dem det kryper
i hela kroppen på när det
står en man som ingen kan se
i dörröppningen


I bid you farewell
as I'm walking towards hell
casting a spell
thinking of things I never can tell

do you remember the first time we kissed and all the time we missed due to the choises you made never accepting that I was afraid

I always knew that you lied
that's the reason I never cried
stayed on your side
wishing you'd see how I died

never told you what was wrong just wrote another song collecting my pain in a book wishing you'd give back the heart that you took

there will be an angel on your shoulder protecting you when I burn
whispering beautiful words in your ear until it's your turn
and I'll greet you with a smile in hell when you die

Gammal dikt, har ingenting med nuet att göra...


jag lever inte i samma värld som
alla andra jag
har en helt egen bubbla där allt är


Tystnad... Tagning.

där är allting på riktigt trotts
att det är lögn och man kan inte bli
sårad för romantiken är inte död


och i min bubbla är jag vacker precis
sådär som jag
alltid önskat vara precis som

Okej, vi är klara för idag.

Ni får gå hem. Bra jobbat!


I'm a black rose with red thorns
so beautiful that you'll
never be able to take your eyes off of me
so sharp that you'll
be paralysed if you touched me
so special that you'll
feel the need to keep me for ever and ever

but that's just how magic works

This is not a lovepoem

There's a place in my heart
where I'd like to make you stay
And I want to live in yours
though it's far away

You're everything
I whish I'd dream of
every night

I think I love you
but I don't
I need to kiss you
but I won't

I do, I will
in so many ways
if you'd only let me

My heart is beating
like a doves
For you and me
and already lost loves

Noone, nothing
compares to you
the way you make me feel

I need you to love me
and hold me close
Kiss me, touch me
and call me your rose

Fool me with your words
and keep me

Broken record

I'm nothing more than a puddle of blood red tears
Just waiting and listening too all the cheers
Of them who broke me down with a purpose
To make me the false, backstabbing bitch and part us
So now they've broken me down and I wait
For the power of revenge you shouldn't underestimate
And I'll smile when someone hurts you like you did me
All I have to do is lie here on the ground, cursing over thee

Ännu en gång... Det här har INGENTING med min nuvarande situation att göra!


you'll never be able to bury me properly
there'll always be something sticking up through the dirt
a foot
an arm

a smile

that's because you don't have the guts to look at me
scared that I'm still to beautiful to resist
the face
the body

the eyes

and I'm tired of watching my own funeral
over and over
wishing you'd just look at me
just see

I'm still crying

Ännu en personlig favorit...


well it's damp and it's dirty
it's dark and unworthy
my clothes doesn't fit
I'm cold, I'll admit
and I'm running out of air
but it is not unfair

I've broken heart after heart
just ripped them apart
not even looking back
searching another attack

so my life is fading
in guilt I'm bathing
whishing I'd been sorry
but there's no point in worry
'cause nobody knows that I'm gone
No one will hear my farewell song

I'm no coldhearted bitch
just a blackhearted witch
who once loved and got broken
but of that it wasn't spoken

I'm pounding the lid of my tomb and screaming
my lungs empty, but I'm not sure I'm gonna miss
this black red world


I'm not good at crying,
and niether where you
But pain and sorrow I feel,
for us two
We're not together,
and I guess we never relly where
But you'll get it all back,
now when you're with her

Three times three

Not more than you deserve,
I can promise you that
And I won't interfere,
I'll never need to attack

Three times three

You've broken me over and over,
and taken all my pride
I tried to love and forgive,
never knowing that you lied
But the thruth has been served,
by those who care about me
So now you'll get what you deserve,
let it so be

Three times three

Den här är gammal och har ingenting med vad som händer runt mig just nu att göra.


You see me crawling
Tumbling, turning
In my own blood and ashes
And it scares you when I'm smiling

You just can't understand how I could eat a whole heart by myself

Personlig favorit ;)

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